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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Total Wine / Totally Crazy

Another liquor-related bill slated to work its way through the Annapolis sausage grinder would allow Total Wine to open another store in Montgomery County. The following is from the Maryland State Beverage Association:
Total Wine is owned by the Trone brothers who iaw Maryland law each already have one license for their stores currently in Towson and Laurel.  Why they don't just get a spouse or relative to apply for the additional license(s) tells me that they either don't trust their relatives or that they have an ulterior motive to try and weaken the Maryland monopoly law of only one license per.  Good article here goes into all this in more detail (click here.)

The current proposed bill would grant only Montgomery County a loophole for this requirement.  This again brings up how crazy our liquor laws are in that they can vary from County to County  (click here and note Maryland singled out as follows:)
It brings up my big 3 that liquor, marriage, and MVA laws should be the same across all of our 50 States.  As for liquor laws, Maryland with 23 counties and Baltimore City means we have 24 different sets of rules.  Granted there is much State-wide overlap and agreement (such as 21 being the minimum drinking age ) but the bigger question is - why all this churn?!

One of my top ten drinking songs here for you.  In this version, Jagger updated his description of his barroom babe from the 1965 original lyric "She was flirty, dirty, she looked about 30" to "She was nifty, thrifty, she looked about 50" (2:07 mark.)  Doubt that he is working on any more updates because its tough trying to rhyme 70!

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