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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sign Ordinance Update

Good article in last Friday's Enterprise by Jason Babcock on the new sign ordinance.  The on line version featured Brian Barnhill's great photo of Buzzy's Country Store as it's lead into the article:
So Buzzy's got some good publicity from the whole mess including these comments from  Delegate Matt Morgan and LUGM Director Phil Shire.
Jan 13, 2017 Enterprise Article
I sure hope that Mr. Shire, who is retiring, passes his thoughts along to his successor, because the sign ordinance is fairly straight forward when it states "No sign may be placed on a roof."

Since the current approach to governing seems to be to repeal, rescind, defund and overturn things, hopefully our County Commissioners will get onboard that train and repeal this sign ordinance too.  As for replacing it,  the bigger hope is that they don't replace it with something that lays on even more restrictions.  Sometimes the cure IS worse than the disease.

The other impact of the sign ordinance on Buzzy's is a little ironic because the ordinance mandates that the neon beer and liquor signs can no longer be displayed in windows.  This means that Buzzy's current Miller Beer Open sign has to go.
The irony is that I was in the process of replacing it anyway.  Buzzy always had a plain Bud sign in that window and I liked how that looked.  However, smewhere in the passage of the Store from him to me it walked.  (Got a feeling this is a "relative" problem.)  The Miller beer rep noticed that we no longer had a sign in the window and provided me the current one that also says Open on it.
Now, to be in compliance with the new sign ordinance, I will just replace the Miller sign with a plain Jane Open sign.  (I am pretty sure that an "Open" sign is still permissible, but who knows?)

Keith Urban mentions neon blue sign here which was about as close to a sign reference that I could find today:

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