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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ryan's Birth

Here's a Facebook connectedness story for you.

I was looking at the You Know You're From St. Mary's If page on Facebook yesterday when I saw that my daughter Ryan had posted this.
Pretty cool huh?  The connected/mind blower came with this Molly Bowes post that appeared immediately after Ryan's note:
The photo of Dr. Bowes delivering that baby is none other than my Ryan!  I know because I took the photo and gave Dr. Bowes a copy! 

The Orioles winning the 1983 World Series notwithstanding, being able to witness and photograph Ryan's birth remains the single most exciting event of my life.  In looking for the original copy of the above print I also came upon this one of Ryan and me where I am not sure who is feeding who.
On my way home from the hospital after Ry's birth, this song played on the radio.  What more can I say?

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