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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Paperless in Piney Point (Subtitle I Didn't Read the News Today)

Divorce?  A pet's death? Selling your first car or house?  Your kid leaving home? Losing something important or valuable to you?  You know how bad all of that makes you feel right?  Well, believe it or not I'm feeling that same sense of loss this morning and for none of those reasons. 
Not There
You see this is my first morning in over 40 some years that my old friend the Washington Post did not come to visit me.  (Granted there were some snowy days here or there when it didn't show up either but this is the first day it's not here because I terminated the service.) 
Tough decision but one that had to be made.  The combination of cost, internet, cable T-V news, and talk radio as sources for info, all made it a no brainer to discontinue subscribing to a daily paper. 

I am, or was, a die hard paper reader too, who enjoyed my morning routine of trudging the 25 steps out my front door to the paper box to retrieve it and then spend the next hour (or two if I read all the Op-ed columns and did the crossword puzzle) perusing its contents.  Doing the cost-benefit analysis, I guess that I just gained some valuable time back in my daily routine.  Why then am I so sad about it? 

But like all the smart folks say "Nothing lasts forever."

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