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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Sign Ordinance - Pt. 2

Now that, thanks to Brian Barnhill, Buzzy's Country Store is the profile photo of the St. Mary's County Facebook page, maybe the powers-that-be will cut me some slack on having to get rid of my sign on the front porch. 

This goes back to my previous discussion about the new Sign Ordinance that just went into effect where all rooftop signs such as the one on Buzzy's front porch are now prohibited (click here.)  

Someone asked me why the new Sign Ordinance has not received any publicity in any of the local media and I couldn't say why.  There was a brief article in a recent edition of the County Times about Rayner Blair and his concerns with the new ordinance but other than that there has not been any discussion of the new ordinance that I have seen.   I guarantee you though, there will be some publicity about it and very soon.  For instance, all of the Fire Departments' electronic signs are supposedly prohibited by the new ordinance.  So let's see how that aspect does or does not get addressed.  (For some reason, the County Fairgrounds' electronic sign has been deemed to be ok and will not be prohibited.)

Another comment about the Sign Ordinance came from a Democrat friend of mine who noted "Isn't it ironic that these Republicans always talk about helping small businesses out by getting government regulations off their backs and  then they go and approve something like a sign ordinance that just makes it that much harder to do business!?"  Agreed.

To his credit, County Commissioner Mike Hewitt abstained from voting on the Sign Ordinance which indicates that he wasn't for it.  Someone else noted that Commissioner O'Connor wasn't there for the vote which means it passed 3-0 by the other CC's.  My Ridge-boy suggestion is that all 5 members sit down and take another look at this ordinance.  At a minimum I suggest a grandfather provision be included and at least allow a process for consideration of some relief from this ordinance.  As it is now, I foresee a lot of  time and
needless discussion spent on this.

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