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Saturday, January 21, 2017

My First and Last Protest

In my 65 years of roaming around, I have been to exactly one D.C. protest march/demonstration and it occurred in January 2003.  I could pinpoint the date because Maryland men's basketball team upset Number 1 ranked Duke that day.  In fact, the primary reason I went to D.C that day was because I did not want to sit home and watch the game where Duke was a heavy favorite.  The peace thing was a secondary reason. 
The young lady I was seeing at the time was a fairly nice person with one very serious character flaw - politically she was a right winger, and when I say right wing I'm talking Eva Braun right wing.  She worked for a defense contractor staffed with retired military dudes who were also very conservative and red in their politics.  She had the whole "Bill Clinton let Bin Laden get away so 9/11 was Clinton's fault" line of b.s. down.  Every day that she would come home from work, I would try and deprogram her from what her co-workers and she had discussed during their day.

So I knew better than to suggest to her that we go to D.C. to attend a peace demonstration.  On that particular day I made my case about not wanting to watch the Maryland game and suggested that we ride up to D.C. where we would take the subway to the Smithsonian and hit some museums.  I did not bother to tell her that folks would be assembling on the Mall to protest the war in Iraq. 

As we popped out onto the Mall though, thousands of folks were milling around and my friend asked me what was going on.  She then saw someone with a sign "War is Not the Answer."  She turned to me and said "You haven't brought me to a demonstration have you?  If I am photographed here, I could lose my job.  We got to get out of here."  She then began trying to hide her face as we walked across the mall to one of the museums. 

Later in the day, we stopped in a restaurant where I saw on the T-V Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams doing a post-game interview discussing Maryland's upset win over Duke.  I vowed then, no more protest marches just to miss a ball game. 

All of this came to mind when I watched the idiots in D.C. yesterday throwing bricks and breaking windows protesting Trump's election.  They sure didn't do anything to advance their cause did they?  Someone needs to tell them that when it comes to protesting sometimes the simple approach is the best.  As an example of an effective protest, the following is something I saw on the T-V yesterday:
Regarding President Trump's speech, I watched it with my Mom who at one point commented "He sure is painting a pretty bad picture of things isn't he?"  All I could say is "That's why he's going to make us great again."

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