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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Life Goals

We begin January making resolutions so let's end it by looking at something bigger as in life goals.  You know, those things that you aspire to do, the life you want to live, the dreams that you've kept stashed away somewhere but have never acted on them.   Have you ever taken time to think about and define just what your life goals are? 

Or as in the case of old farts like me, have you re-examined your life goals now that you've either accomplished some of them or have simply decided that what once seemed like a good idea is now a non-starter?  (For example, in my Travel Goals I used to include a goal of attending the Carnival in Rio.  Bart too had often mentioned wanting to attend this event and I remember discussing going with him and Gina if they ever decided to go.  However, with Bart gone and my dislike of crowded scenes turning into almost a phobia, Rio is now a no go as far as a life goal.  The Ridge Carnival suits me just fine now.)
So take a few minutes to think about your goals for yourself and then write 'em down and get started on them.  Here is a good article to help you get started (click here.)

Even if I'm not going, here is a good version of the Peter Allen tune:

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