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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Let 'Em

Very few days go by for me that some Buzzy-ism doesn't ricochet around in my mind when I'm out and about doing things. 

As an example, just the other day I stopped in the Post Office to buy a book of stamps.  I informed the young lady behind the counter of my request whereupon she presented the stamps and said "That will be $9.40."  As I was about to hand her a ten spot, the phone rang and she said "Excuse me, I have to get that."  I said "No you don't" but she ignored me as she continued away from the counter, picked up the phone and answered the call.  To her credit she did tell the caller, "I have a customer here, can you call back in 10 minutes?"

When she got back to me at the counter I said "My old man had a store that I grew up in and he used to say about dealing with customers - when they want to give you money, take it.  Don't make them wait.  Don't answer the phone. Don't talk to someone else. Don't do anything except take their money."

Surprisingly, the lady agreed with me and said "Good advice."  She took my money and gave me change for the stamps.  I think in her mind she probably felt that she had complied with Buzzy's advice.  However, her answering the phone when I was about to hand her money was a no-no in the Buzzy rule book of business transactions.

I have another example of this dynamic only on a larger scale.  I was working on Base when one of the contractors in our building was running some cabling for us and told me the following story. 

He was working  on a job subbed to him from a general contractor to run cables for a big construction site.  He was about half way done when the general contractor came to him one Friday and said "Let me cut you a check for what you've done so far."  The guy said that he hadn't filled out his billing sheets, so he told the general guy not to worry about it.

Well, not only did the general contractor not worry about, but also, he left the country that weekend and never came back.  A stop-work order was issued and everything came to halt on the job site.  Legal proceedings commenced and bottom line, the cable guy never got paid for the work he had done, nor for his material costs.  "Had I taken the guy up on his offer that Friday, I would not have had a total loss on the job.  But I learned a lesson the hard way - when someone wants to pay you, let 'em.  Obviously, the guy was planning on hauling ass and here he was trying to do right by me by paying me and I wouldn't take his money.  When they want to give you money, let 'em."

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