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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy Bonus Birthday Emma!

When talking to someone, I will often ask them how many kids or grandkids they have.  Most times, folks will come right out with the numbers.  However, other folks will putz around and do the qualifying thing as follows "Well, I have three of my own from a previous marriage and my second husband had two from his first marriage.  But then we had two more together, so what's that add up to - seven I guess." 

Same with some folks trying to state how many grandkids they have "Well, I have 6 that are my own but then I inherited 3 more through some remarriages.  So all total, I have..."   Sometimes as a way to shortcut all of this, I will just ask "How many biological grand kids and many bonus grand kids do you have?" 

All this came to mind yesterday which was the birthday of my Bonus Granddaughter Emma Peterson.  Happy belated birthday Emma!  (Emma's Mom Stephanie took the following great photo of all my Grandkids.)
Emma, Shawn and Lily
Bottom line, I think "Bonus" is the best way of referring to blended family members.  In fact, I could make a case for "Bonus" all the way around in lieu of Step Something-or-Other.  The only caution is that calling one's Step Mom your Bonus Mom may lead to the shortcut of calling her BM as in "I hope my BM takes me to the ball game."  May need to avoid the shortcut in this case.

The movie Yours, Mine and Ours was the first "date movie" that Pam and I ever saw in a theater.  While the date was memorable, I hadn't thought about the movie again until just now.

The song playing in the background is a Luther Vandross tune:

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