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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Buzzy's New Year's Eve

Kim and Barb
Catching up on Buzzy's It's Midnight Somewhere New Year's Eve Party, yes, we dropped the Bud on the hour starting at 5 p.m. when it was officially midnight in Athens, Greece.  At 6, we celebrated Rome welcoming their new year and at 7 we honored London's.  From there the midnight hour moves out over the Atlantic somewhere at 8 p.m. before Rio, South America celebrates it at 9.  Buzzy's honored each of these times on the hour as we killed the lights, counted down and dropped the Bud.  (If you are not sure how this works click here for a look at a world time zone map.) 

This video by Kim from last year's party now has over 300 views on FB.

My thanks to everyone who attended and brought such good food to share.  In particular, thank you to Kim Willey and Barb Demko for all of their help throughout the evening and to BJ for handling things behind the counter.  Also, thank you to Joan for supplying the Mardi Gras masks, which as you can see were a big hit.
Kathy Wright and Tonto
Linda, Charlie and Moi

Mariah wasn't at Buzzy's New Year's Eve but I think performed somewhere else.

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