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Monday, January 23, 2017

But It's a Gen-ie!

Thus far the state of Maryland has not permitted the big box boys to sell alcohol in their stores.  However, each year bills are introduced in Annapolis to allow them to do so.  Eventually the big box folks will  prevail just as they have in 45 other states that currently allow them to do so.  Money doesn't talk, it yells.

I tell you this by way of setting the stage for the following story about Walmart, Costco and Trader Joe's having "developed" their own craft beers.  Some of you may find it odd that the Wal not only sells craft beer but also sells non-crafts.  Well, take my word for it, they sell both as this article explains (click here.)

As I have mentioned previously, the whole craft beer phenomena is hard to explain.  Blame it on  millennials who don't particularly want to drink their grandfathers' beer, but conversely don't mind plucking down $10 for a six pack of something called Not Your Father's Rootbeer.  NYFR was a big fad a couple summers go due to some very  clever marketing (click here.)

And now it appears that the big box boys, not content to corner the market on run-of-the-mill beer sales, also want a piece (all?) of the craft market too.  What they are not telling you, is that their craft beer is actually some recycled swill made by what could be called Your Grandfathers' Breweries.
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