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Monday, January 2, 2017

Anniversary Day

Today Pam and I mark 10 years of marriage.  My cousin Joe White married us in his home in Fredericksburg, Va. on this day in 2007.  His wife Pat was our photographer and witness.

Been a quick 10 years in my mind but we all know how time flies.

Getting married at the beginning of 2007 set in motion for me quite a year of change.  Pam and I married in January and later in the year I would buy Buzzy's.  Then at the end of the year I retired from my Government job.  Getting married, buying the Store and retiring were three life-changing events that were not on my horizon in January of 2006.   

In fact, if someone had predicted or suggested in 2006 either of those events happening to me,  I would have said "no way, no how, not gonna happen."  In 2006 I was a semi-confirmed bachelor with a cushy, good paying job on Base and Buzzy's Country Store was a place I visited periodically and hung out at just like everybody else.  The idea of me marrying, retiring and owning and running Buzzy's never crossed my mind.  But like that commercial that states life comes at you fast, you never know what's around your corner do you?
As for Pam and me hooking up, I recall the phrase "it happens when you aren't looking."  And neither of us were.  In 2006 Pam was in the process of retiring and moving back to Rochester. We started going out and next thing you know Rochester lost out to Piney Point.  (Whenever we see weather reports of how bad the snow is in Rochester, I remind her that I rescued her from all that.  Of course, she has rescue-from-things to remind me about too!)

Following our wedding ceremony that  morning in 07, Joe and Pat took us out to a nice French restaurant there in Fredericksburg.  We then drove back to Calvert County where we picked up a couch from Carol and Gary Kurtz.  I borrowed my brother-in-law-Jerry Taylor's truck to haul the couch home and later met him at Cheeseburgers in Paradise to return it and have dinner there.   

So our wedding day in 2007 was full of fun, travel and activity.  It's been that way in the 10 years ever since.  Happy Anniversary to us!

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