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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Two Fer Tuesday

Heard a DJ ask the other day, when do you start to listen to Christmas music?  He then laid out XM's schedule for when their respective channels (above) would be doing their thing.  His comments made me pause because previously I had never thought to listen to Christmas music at any time other than Christmas day itself and that was it. 

But per Mr. DJ's suggestion this year I have actually been listening to Christmas tunes on a semi-regular basis.  Whereas it used to be that I was too cool for Christmas jams  and avoided them like the plague, this year having had the Holiday channels on for several days now, I find that I have kind of enjoyed it.  This leads me to conclude that maybe my new hip with its titanium ball has mellowed me some.   Then again maybe it was spending all that time lying in  the cat litter post fall and unable to move, that  gave me a new perspective on things like Christmas music.  Who knows?  I'm grasping at straws here but I do know that my heavy rotation of Christmas music these past couple weeks has been a good exercise.   

For sure there are still a bunch of Christmas tunes that I just can't stand ranging from Streisand's Jingle Bells to just about anything religiously-based.   Shouldn't there be expiration dates on songs like Silent Night and Come All Ye Faithful?  Shouldn't we have a neato spoleto counter system in our heads that would tell us when we have reached the thousandth time we've heard some of these croons and then a filter option bans them from our rotation?

My least favorite holiday tune has got to be Carol of the Bells.  If that title sounds unfamiliar to you, click here and you'll recognize immediately what an  annoying song this is.  I know it's probably already cued up to be my 24/7 hell song when I get there.  Yuck!

On the other hand, many of the old seasonal standards surprisingly, I can do  such as Bing's White Christmas and Nat King Cole's Chestnuts roasting song.  (Nat was one of Buzzy's favorite artists so there's a sentimental connection there.  Plus what I like about Nat and Bing is that they always make everything they did sound so effortless and easy like they weren't even trying.) 

Rock n roll wise, there are some great Christmas tunes.  For instance the other day when I did my little rant about what useless creatures deer are, Chuck Berry's Run Run Rudolph was playing in the  background on the radio.  I found myself humming along as I wrote my "kill em all" suggestions for solving this problem.  Bon Jovi addresses the matter by taking  a minute before rolling into Run Run Rudolph but it's worth the wait.  Just like the Buzzy Christmas party, Jon too had a visit from Santa.

So how's about you?  What are your favorite Christmas tunes?  If like me you regard yourself as an old rock n roller with only so much musical bandwidth to manage, check out one of the above XM channels and you may be surprised at how much good stuff is out there.

Just last night I went to my Granddaughter Lily's Winter Concert at Piney Point Elementary School where they sang several Christmas tunes.  I was pleasantly surprised when they concluded the show with Lindsey Buckingham's Holiday Road from National Lampoon Vacation.  I had never considered that a Christmas tune but now I do.

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