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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Sing Hosana

Usually Sunday is a very lazy, slow motion kind of day for most folks.  Sunday is like a deep cleansing breath that clears all of the week's dust and cobwebs from your brain and let's you re-group for the week ahead.  It really is a day of rest.

If Church is in your Sunday routine then that very nicely sets the tone for your day.  You can take the wife and fam to hear the word of God and then go out to eat somewhere.  Praise the Lord but pass the bacon!

For old farts like me there is the Sunday paper routine to plow through at your leisure.  True, the Sunday paper is getting smaller and smaller but I still spend some time checking it out.  (Speaking of getting smaller, are they doing some kind of experiment to see how really really small they can make the Parade Magazine insert before all of us just say forget it?)

Another part of my Sunday morning routine is watching the T-V show CBS Sunday Morning.  For instance last week they featured an excellent interview with Billy Bob Thornton.  Check it out here and see if Billy Bob doesn't remind you of Bart in some of his answers and mannerisms.  (Billy Bob's Bad Santa may even have a little of Bart in him.)
Donna, Linda and Bart

Sunday afternoons feature the f's as in football, family and friends.  Cookouts, eat in's, visits and get togethers make the Sunday ritual a very nice day as folks laugh and spend some time enjoying each other's company. 

You don't have to worry about any company staying too long on Sundays either.  Everyone has got to get home to "get ready for the week" ahead.  Pleasantries are exchanged, company goes and what do you know, old fart - 60 Minutes is just starting.  It doesn't get any better does it?

In fact, since Sunday is such a nice day, it makes me wonder why we don't live our lives such that we have 6 Sundays to enjoy each week and only one crummy work day?    

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