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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Stoke the Raven

Merry Christmas!  But don't you agree that they could have done a better job scheduling this Christmas business on the same day that the Ravens and Steelers face off for the AFC North title?  Then later on the Broncos play the Chiefs in a big AFC West game.  Come on boys you got events and then you got big time events so lets try not to cross schedule them.  (Actually, the NFL, whose overall T-V ratings have been way down this year, did move all but these 2 games from this Sunday to Saturday. Today's two games are only the 18th and 19th that have ever been played on Christmas Sunday in the NFL's 100 year history (click here.)  

Just for luck, thought I would re-show this photo of Dave and his brother Bob Thompson and friends when they visited Buzzy's Country Store in their Ravens bus awhile back.  Let's hope that the Ravens' bus is on a roll today. Back to the NFL versus Sunday, there was a good line in the movie Concussion talking about how the NFL basically took Sundays away from the Church.

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