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Monday, December 5, 2016

One Week Later

Been one week now since I got my new hip and I guess as weeks go it wasn't the worst one that I have ever endured.  It wasn't the best neither, but all in all it was about as tolerable as it could be.  In fact, all things considered, my week turned out to be pretty good given where I started last Saturday - flat on my back and unable to move.  From there, the only way for me to go was up. 

Last Saturday afternoon and evening in St. Mary's ER was probably the most painful period of time that I have ever endured in my short 65 years in this country store of life.   Even though they drugged me up pretty good in the ER, the nurses and staff apologized because they could only  administer to me the "second rate" pain killers in the ER.  Seems that hospitals, due to people purposely coming into the ER to score the higher rated opioids, have now gone to being "Opioid  Free ER's."  The ER folks at St. Mary's assured me that once I was taken "upstairs' and admitted to the Hospital, I would then be given  the "good" pain killers.  As I laid there hurting like hell, I remembered thinking - something about this makes no sense at all but then again, I'm living in a "makes-no-sense-moment" so just roll with it.  (Later, my daughter Ryan
would text me words to the effect "You'll be fine because you're a roll with it kind of guy."  Since my little friend here (right) is now my primary mode of getting around, Ryan certainly was prophetic.)

Aside from the physical journey to hell that I took this past week, something else happened that moved me very much and made me doubly appreciative at how blessed I really am:  I heard from all of my family and close friends, some on an almost daily basis.  Their reaching out made me realize just how lucky I am to have such a great group of people in my extended family.  Fact of life 101 - it IS better when lived in a family of friends and people you know, trust and love.  When times are tough and the winds outside are cold, these are the folks who will take you in and wrap their arms around you and help keep you warm.  That they care so much for you is something special.  (I  always think of the Chuck Berry line from Promised Land "There are people there who care a little about me and they won't let the poor boy down.") 

Having the Store and its rental apartments to worry and think about could also add to my churn but there too I've been blessed with folks to step in and do what needs to be done.  I am forever grateful to those of you for being so kind and considerate.

So one week after my tumble and new hip op, I am currently on the mend, a little gimpy, somewhat sore but I am getting better every day.  My goal is to keep on recovering but first and foremost I am going to roll with it all - literally for now:


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