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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Maceo, Daddy and Shep

Laid up and laid back, I have been listening to some of my old tunes.  When Maceo Parker's instrumental version of Daddy's Home came on, it got me thinking about the song and how much I like it.  (Maceo was a key member of James Brown's backup band before moving on to do his own thing.  He is still touring and making music.  When I was in the Army sitting around the barracks with a bunch of folks getting high and listening to music, all the Bro's would get off when James would say "Maceo, I want you to blow."   At the time, I didn't really see what was so cool about that, but maybe now I have a better appreciation of it.  Maceo can blow.) 

Play the video and then sing the lyrics along with Maceo's sax lead.  (Yeah, you are correct, I really don't have much to do.)  Then listen to original Limelites version.
In turn it lead me to find the following info on the  original tune made famous by Shep and the Limelites  (click here)  Those guys sure dressed up back then didn't they?

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