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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Health Share Holiday Home Tour Today

This Sunday there is a very nice event right here in my neighborhood that I will be forced to miss due to this hip thing I got going on.  It is Heath Share's Annual Holiday Homes Christmas tour where several local homes are open for you to tour and checkout.  This year, all of the featured homes are right here in Piney Point with 5 of them being on Lighthouse Road (click here.)

As you make your way down Lighthouse Road visiting the homes, check out the different gazebo's on the beach. Here is something that I have saved from somewhere thinking that I may one day do a blogpost on the Piney Point Lighthouse Road Gazebo's.

Each house on the tour is a $10 donation ($50 for all 6.) Go visit a couple or all of the Health Share homes but then, come visit me for free!  Be glad to see you.  (I may still be in jams and hobbling around on my walker but don't let that stop  you from dropping by.) 

Remember, it is not officially the Christmas season until Mariah says it is:

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