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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cloudy Thinking

It's been over 9 years now since I have returned to re-own and roam around the grounds at Buzzy's Country Store where I grew up.  Through those 9 years, I thought that I had pretty much re-visited and re-lived every perspective of the old home place.  From back in the McCoy's fields and woods to the Dean property next door, and working around the back and side yards of the Store, I had spent some time in each spot soaking up whatever childhood thoughts, memories and feelings those areas stirred in me.

However, it took me falling to the ground and breaking my hip to realize that there was one perspective that I had not yet relived - that from the ground up looking at the clouds and sky above. 

Granted on many occasions at the Store, I have looked up to check out the horizon and skies for rain/storm conditions.  I have often stopped to admire the passing of geese and other birds flitting around overhead.  I even paused one day to watch Stan Schweikart and Charlie Simms buzz around above the Store in their small plane.  So yes, I have taken the time to look up every once and awhile. 

What I had not done in these 9 years of re-living my childhood at the Store was to lie on my back for several minutes and watch the clouds roll by as I used to do as a kid.  I remember as a kid playing outside with my brother Steve, we had some Cowboys and Indians game where once you were shot you had to lie motionless for 5 minutes before you were back in the game.  (Too, whether game playing or not, when you are a little kid, you can lie in the yard all you want and just stare away for as long as you want.)

The afternoon of my fall I remember seeing the sky above a deep, beautiful blue full of wispy clouds.
As we awaited the arrival of the ambulance, I remember making some comment to Brian "Those sure are some nice clouds up there."  To which Brian asked me "What are you hallucinating now?" 

I probably should have been hallucinating but the childhood memory of being in that back yard gazing away skyward took over for those few minutes.  The Rescue Squad folks arrived shortly after and all my thoughts and focus came back to the now.  I guess I can say that I have looked at both sides now.

Joni's sad song has held up after all these years even if all that smoking of hers has taken a toll on her voice.  It all kind of works in a cloudy kind of way.

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