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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday's Child

Thursday, poetry day.  Not really, I just used that as an excuse to pursue the following:
I was a Monday child but definitely am not too fair of face.  To check your birth day of the week click here.

As for today and Thursday's child who has far to go - there is a dual explanation.  It can be propitious in that it means a long life is ahead or it can be negative in that life will be tough for the Thursday child (click here.)

Eartha sounds like she sided with the tough-row-to hoe-take for the Thursday child:

Monday's child is fair of face And Tuesday's child is full of grace Wednesday's child is full of woe But Thursday's child has far to go

Things look mighty black for Thursday's child Trouble docks the track of Thursday's child This world could be a wonderful place But not when you wear Thursday's face I never know which way I'm bound, I'm Thursday's child

Heartbreak hangs around for Thursday's child I'll always be blamed for what I was named But still I'm not ashamed, I am Thursday's child I never know which way I'm bound, I'm Thursday's child

Good luck to all you Thursday children.  You may need it.

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