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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Piney Point Sunset

Watching the sunset on the river Thanksgiving evening (above) brought back some memories for me of the first time the ex and I ever visited the place I now call home.

It was in November 1978 when Realtor Larry O'Brien called me at work to tell me about a piece of property.  We had been looking for a place and wanted to be on the Potomac and on a lot on a dead end street.  Larry told me that this listing in Piney Point might be what we were looking for but he warned "The house is a fixer upper."

I got off work at 4 and we met Larry about 5 o'clock at the property.  At first glance, the house appeared to be just as Larry had described it.  The previous owner, an old lady, had moved over to Virginia to be with her daughter so the house had sat vacant for several months.
Because it was getting late, Larry suggested that we first walk down to the beach and check it out before the sun went down.  As we made our way down to the beach, the sun appeared over the River before us just as it appears in the above photo.  As Larry did his salesman thing, the ex leaned over to me and said "I want this."  I replied "We better check out the house before we get too excited."  However, looking at the sun, I too was sold. 

On the beach Larry pointed out the boundaries of the property and then said "Check out that sunset."  He really didn't have to because we had been checking it out all along.  

The house was as Larry described it - a fixer upper.  It was an old summer cottage kind of place with one bedroom, an unfinished upstairs and everything in bad shape.   The electric and plumbing had been turned off and everything appeared to be very old and broken down.  

As we made our way thru the house, I got depressed thinking about how much work would be required to fix up this fixer upper.  However, when we got to the back porch and again looked out at that sunset, I knew that this was where I wanted to be.  

We put in an offer that the old lady accepted and we moved to the Point the following March of 79.   The ex has since moved on as the sun really did set on that relationship, but I've been here ever since.

Funny thing about that sunset is that November - December is the only time of year that it ever appears this far west out over the river when it sets.  Had Larry shown us the house any other time of year, the sun would not have been that visible setting out over the river.  Timing is everything I guess.  Maybe Larry knew what he was doing when he showed us the house in November.

 These charts depict today's path of the sun versus what it's like in the June timeframe.  (The website that computes all of this is worth checking out if you want to plot the sun path for your own location.)
Only one song to include here right?

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