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Thursday, November 17, 2016

One and Only's

Here's Looking at You Kid
Today my Grand daughter Lily turns ten.  Happy Birthday Lily!  How she got to be ten so quickly is another of life's mysteries to me. 

When it comes to names for ladies, I have not met nor known too many Lily's that I can think of.  Of course there is Lily Tomlin but other than her I don't know of any other famous Lily's either.  Thus, I guess that that makes my Lily a one and only.

Regarding names for ladies though, I have a couple of in-work theories such as "Heather's are  attractive."  "Emma's are nice."  "Tiffany's are lightweights."   (I have several others in development but will hold off revealing them for now because I don't want to offend anyone.  On the plus side of ledger though I always joke with folks that anyone whose name begins with J, I tend to get along well with them.  Therefore, ladies named Joan, Julie, Jennifer, and Judy I have always found to be nice people.  (Did have a less-than-pleasant experience once with a Janice so it's not 100% on this J thing.))

Work on your own Good-and-Not-So-Good name list and you will begin to see what I mean about name stereotypes (click here for other samples.)

Another addition to my list is Penelope.  As with Lily though, I don't recall that I have ever known anyone named Penelope.  But based upon the Cruz lady here, my first take is that "Penelope's are drop dead beautiful."  

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