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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hip Redux

Yes, I was cleaning out the kitty litter box when I took my tumble that resulted in my broken hip.  Still don't know exactly what I tripped on because I have yet to revisit the scene of the accident.  I am thinking it was a walnut because I went down so quickly and effortlessly as my foot just kicked completely out from under me. 

Stretched out on the ground, all I could think about was that old lady in the commercial years ago who said "I've fallen and I can't get up."   That was me as I literally could not move and deep down knew that I had screwed something up pretty good (bad.)

Eventually I was able to call out to my buddy Brian who was in the apartment tending to the cat.  Of course my cell phone was not on me so lesson learned there - always keep your phone on you in case you do something dumb like fall down and can't get up.   Brian called 911 and that is how I came to take my first ride in an ambulance to Leonardtown.

The three Ridge Rescue Squad personnel Alex Ketner, Boyd Loflin and Kaylee Dunbar were top notch, very professional, very good and I appreciate all of their care and attention.  I was hurting big time but they helped considerably in my being able to tolerate it.  (No, other than a Tylenol they did not drug me up.)

At St. Mary's Hospital ER on a Saturday evening it was semi-chaotic.  However, the ER Staff was excellent in getting me  thru the X-rays and evaluations and ultimately up to a room later that night.  Dr.  Turner took it from there and she operated on me first thing Sunday morning. 
I fell and broke my hip around 1:30 Saturday afternoon and at 1000 the next morning I was in the process of getting a new hip.  I still find that to be pretty amazing. 

My thanks to all who have been so kind in helping Pam and me out these past couple of days.  It means a lot and I appreciate it very much.  Also, thanks to Jenny and all who have helped out keeping the Store humming along.   I plan to be back there soon even if I don't plan on emptying out any more kitty litter boxes any time in the future.

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