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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Whew!  Thank God that's finally over.  Maybe now I can relax, get some sleep and return to my normal routine.  These past couple days leading up to Halloween have really been stressful for me wanting and waiting to know the answer that was finally revealed Monday evening.

You see I have been on pins and needles these past couple days wondering about what Heidi Klum's Halloween costume would be this year (related story click here.) 
Each year Heidi does something special and I've been up at all hours of the night scouring the internet just for a clue as to what she would break out this year.  I was worried that she would either go grisly on us again as she did one year or do something awful like pose as an old lady.  Of course I keep hoping for those French Maid outfits or sexy nun things but Heidi has always done something kind of crazy and offbeat like say Jessica Rabbit one year.

But 2016 did not disappoint as she brought out 5 clones of herself.
Good job Heidi! The following video features Heidi.  I like how she rolls with it plus she reminds me of someone I know. Free drink to whomever guesses correctly: .

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