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Monday, November 21, 2016

Food - Pt. 1

Thanksgiving week is the one where all thoughts and conversation seem to involve food.  Thus for the next couple days the Buzzyblog will take a stroll down the food aisle of life.  

First up is something I saw on Deadspin - a ranking of the greatest of regional food items from each State across the U.S. 

Chicago pizza is Numero Uno (pun intended.)  South Carolina's shrimp and grits checks in at Number 2 and California's burrito is listed at Number 3.  

But guess what State's delicacy is in fourth place on the listing?  Ah yes, our crab cake.
Aside from the knock about Maryland drivers, pretty cool eh?

Whenever I hear how great Maryland crab meat is, I am reminded of my buddy Ronnie and his advice about eating crab anywhere but Maryland.  We were in a nice Hot Springs Arkansas restaurant overlooking Lake Hamilton and I ordered the trout stuffed with crab meat.  The trout wasn't bad but the crab meat more resembled and tasted like dog food.  When I pushed it to the side of my plate to avoid eating it, Ronnie noticed and said "J. Scott I started to warn you about ordering that because Maryland boys like you should never eat crabmeat anywhere but in Maryland.  You guys are spoiled because you always have the best."

Nice compliment.  Also, when  I look at other States' entries such as Montana's #25 on the Deadspin list, it sure makes me glad that I am from Maryland where crab is our best regional foodstuff: 

Did someone mention burritos?

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