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Monday, November 7, 2016

Et Hoc Transibit

Election Day tomorrow and we all know what's what right?  The chick or the dick will prevail.  Either way, either outcome, thank God it will all be over.
However, getting away from the Presidential mess, the more fun stuff in tomorrow's election process involves several States' Ballot Initiatives (click here for story.)  For instance, California voters are looking at an issue that requires porn actors in adult films to wear a condom (click here.)  (Maybe it should be called Erection Day in California.) 

California is also voting on whether or not to allow recreational use of marijuana 20 years after having passed the first medicinal-purposes law in 1996.  In a weirdly ironic phenomena, Californians have repeatedly voted not to approve recreational usage because the medical pot and alcohol coalitions have colluded to throw money at defeating any further loosening of the pot law(s) in a classic example of I-got-mine-you-ain't-getting-yours.  That stranglehold figures to end with tomorrow's passing of recreational usage in California. 

Four other states are also looking at legalizing pot along with several states looking at ok'ing it for medicinal purposes.  For some dumb reason Maryland has not put recreational usage on its ballot and continues to futz around with its policies and procedures in licensing its medical dispensaries.  Latest churn is that some minorities are upset because they did not receive approval for one of the dispensaries and have thrown a curve ball into the whole process (click here.)  The simple solution here for the Free State would be to just skip the medicinal step and go ahead and legalize it like these 10 other states are now doing.  Too much oversight is too much oversight wouldn't you say? 

In addition to condom and pot issues, several states are also voting on ballot questions involving gun issues and background checks.  Whereas the national boys can't see fit to grapple with this issue, several states are doing so in spite of the NRA's opposition.  It looks like some of the initiatives may just pass anyway (click here.) 
Another interesting ballot issue involves Colorado proposing to implement a single payer health care system for its citizens.  If passed, this would mean that Coloradians would leave Obamacare entirely and self fund their health care for all of its citizenry  (click here.)  Because it involves a significant tax increase, the measure probably won't pass but it's an idea worth exploring just to see how it may or may not work.

So stay tuned.  Relax and if you find yourself getting riled up by election results, just remember this bit of sage advice in the above post title "Et hoc transibit" (This too will pass.)
Kim and Barb - V for Vote!

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