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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

About Time

The other day I had roughed out this Castro item on his passing.   Little did I know that I'd be thinking about the Stones' song that I had planned on referencing even more.  So here it is.  First in the rough draft state and then I will get to the song.

OK, tell the truth - "About time" were the first two words you said or thought after you heard that the old codger was finally dead.   (The more profane among you may have even said three words as in ("About f'ing time.")   Saw this headline from the Miami Herald:

 And of course that led me to the Stones and their most famous album Exile on Main Street.  Tough for me to pick a favorite tune off that double album because I pretty much like all the tunes on Exile.  One song though stands out for me because of certain lines that seem to stay stuck in my mind in given situations:  Shine a Light.    There is even a hospital reference "Saw you stretched out in Room 1009" when actually I have been confined to Room 2218 here at St. Mary's Hospital.  

But it's all good, I am supposed to be going home today.  It's about time.

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