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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Narrow Road

St. Mary's County Commissioner President Randy Guy visited Buzzy's Country Store last week on Election Night to say hello and check in with everyone.  Randy is one of the very few politicos who will visit Buzzy's more then once every 4 years when it is time for them to run for  re-election so it was good that he dropped in. 

Here is a photo of Randy introducing Gov. Hogan at last February's announcement of the Rt. 5 road widening project.
When I Googled "Rt. 5 road widening Scotland" the following photo's appeared.  You may recognize some of these folks with Gov. Hogan:
As for the latest status on the road widening at Pt. Lookout it looks like it's on schedule albeit a couple (5) years out.  I remember going to a meeting once where a State Highway Official advised "Just remember - we are like Ernest and Julio, we do nothing before its time." 

However, the Pt. Lookout road widening project is way past its time to be taken care of.  My son Shea probably had the best take on it when he said "For God's sake you're only talking about one or two miles of road.  Why's that so hard to get done?"  Good question.  (I know that this chart is tough to decipher but click on the link below and scroll down a little and you will see a better rendition of it.)

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