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Friday, October 28, 2016

Rodin Museum

Now that I have bored you with how-I-spent-my-vacation posts about the guillotine and Notre Ugly Dame, here today then I will try and say something nice and upbeat about my recent time spent in Paris.  I managed to slip in a great visit to their Rodin Museum.
This video gives you an good overview of and feel for the Rodin Museum and what it has to see. As for all those sculptures of nudes and passionate lovers embracing it just confirms my take that you can find more primo porn in a high class museum than you can anywhere on the internet.  Watch the video only for a few seconds and you will see what I'm talking about.
Then there are the museum's outside gardens and displays set up such that The Thinker appears to be looking across the way at The Gates of Hell. But guess what? You don't have to spend thousands of dollars going to Paris to see these two most famous Rodin's, just drive up to Philly and the Rodin Museum there has both of them for you (click here.) (Rodin made a couple bronze casts of The Thinker and The Gates of Hell and Philly's Rodin Museum somehow managed to secure them.)

Pam wasn't up for the trek around the Paris Rodin Museum gardens so she grabbed a drink at a little café while I checked things out.  When I eventually caught back up with her she asked me how it went.  I told her that I pretty much saw everything I wanted to see and my only regret was that I wish I could have spent more time checking out the Gates of Hell.  Pam, loving wife that she is and one who always manages to keep me humble, smiled and said "Don't worry you will probably have plenty of time to check out the real Gates of Hell."  Mon Dieu!
A day later we visited the Orsay Museum and got to see Rodin's template cast (above left) for The Gates.  I may have to ride up to Philly just to be able say I've done the Rodin Gates of Hell trifecta.  Then again, like Pam suggested I'll probably have an eternity on my hands to check 'em out in detail.

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