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Thursday, October 20, 2016


In 1981 Bruce Nicol opened Nicoletti's Pizza Shop in Hickory Hills Shopping center  (click here.) Thanks to Bruce's hard work and now his son Ryan's, Nicolleti's has been gong strong ever since. 

Nicoletti's is the second longest tenured restaurant in the Lexington Park area. (Nikos in St. Mary's Square has been around since 1977 (click here for my related post on Nikos.)  Only Radio Shack in the Square has been around longer than has Nikos.) 

Quick aside here - check out this aerial photo (courtesy of Jason Babcock) of St. Mary's Square being built in 1973:
Not As Square As Its Name Would Suggest Is It? 
Back to Nicolletti's.  Managing to survive and stay competitive amidst all the fast food places that have cropped up like mushrooms all over the area, Nicolletti's has made it by giving people good food at a good price.  And after all these years and all the competition, their lunchtime buffet is still the best one around.  (That I now qualify for the Senior Citizen discount makes it an even better deal.)

I meet several friends there every Tuesday at 11:30 so drop by sometime and I'll buy you lunch - even if I got to pay the non-Senior rate.

Not too many pizza songs around but if you are curious about some of them  (click here.) 

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