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Friday, October 21, 2016

Mary Alice Kemery

Died today at age 70 in 1995.  You may know her as Linda Goodman author of the book Love Signs.  She has an interesting biography (click here) on how she began her career as a DJ reading love letters followed by playing a song.  (And no, I did not steal from her that idea of using a song to tell a story.  Truth be told however,  I'm not sure who I did nick that idea from.)   

Following her DJ stint, Linda went on to become a writer and published Love Signs in 1978.  

In Love Signs Linda used astrology to help explain relationship compatibility.  I found this website that will give you an example of how this works (click here.)  The following came up on a couple that I just happened to know their signs and paired them up to see what was said.  (OK it was Pam (Taurus) and me (Aquarius:))

Now I ask you, how many other signs got their own song?

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