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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Good Lovin Good Bad

Speaking of Angelina and Brad (actually I wasn't but I thought that I would give them some much needed publicity here on the Buzzyblog) howz bout a Good Lovin Gone Bad post today? 

You know what I'm talking about - those relationships that at one time were wild and wonderful for awhile but ultimately went south forever.  You go from a state of mind where there is nothing that you wouldn't do for your partner to where there is nothing that you would do for him/her.  Meatloaf summed it up best in Dashboard Lights:

Awhile back in Buzzy's Country Store an older dude, who usually had a lady friend with him, came in, this time solo. I knew him well enough to comment about him traveling solo and he informed me that he and his lady friend had split up. As he said it he seemed a little down about it so I responded "Well you know the old saying - women come and women go." To which he replied, "Yeah but I like it better when I'm coming and they are going."  So much for him being despondent over their split up.

Music-wise there are thousands of such Good Lovin Gone Bad songs but this one here sort of captures it best:

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