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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Just Di

Having gone from Jerry Lewis to Cal Ripken on the Buzzyblog the past couple days, here is another off-the-wall pairing of two famous people who, despite having been dead a number of years, were recently in the news. 

The Sainthood Mass for Mother Teresa the other day reminded me of a quote about her being famous versus her being a celebrity.   Mother Teresa was famous because of what she did; Princess Diana on the other hand was a celebrity because of who she was. 
Back in 97 when I learned of Di's death, I was in Western Maryland with a very nice lady friend who became upset about the news as it came across the T-V.  She sat glued to the T-V and kept repeating "I can't believe that Di is dead."  I brushed it off and urged her to get moving so we could start our day of sightseeing. 

Several times throughout the course of our day together however, my friend kept coming back to Diana's death making comments like "I can't believe Princess Di is dead." "Poor Di." "I feel so bad for Harry and William."  And so on.

Whenever she would bring it up, I would try and change the subject.  Yet, she continued to be upset about Diana's passing and would invariably return to thinking and commenting about it. 

Finally, about mid-afternoon the Ridge boy in me came out and I couldn't take it anymore.  "Look," I pointed out to her "Diana was nothing but a party girl who died at midnight in the back seat of a limo, in Paris with her rich, playboy boyfriend.  Karma got her.  You don't need to keep feeling sorry for her."  Needless to say, those words did little to console her.  It was a long and quiet ride back to the County.

Then, a few years later Buzzy and I were in South Africa having lunch with a couple of retired British nurses who were also on the tour with us.  (Now that I think about it, my lady friend was a nurse too.  Maybe Di had some special connection with nurses.)

Somewhere in the conversation with the Brits, Diana got mentioned and I joked with them "You guys weren't among those people out in the street crying and acting all upset over Di's death were you?"  Guess what?  That's exactly what they were doing.  They went on to explain how they had called each other up to discuss the news of Di's death and then met up to go place flowers at the memorial site for Diana. 

As they recounted all this, they even teared up some just telling Dad and me about it all.  "One of the worst days of my life," one of them said.  Keep in mind now that these were older, colder, jaded kind of British ladies.  However, they noted how they had met Diana when she visited the hospital where they both worked.  They talked to Di, had their picture taken with her and were very big fans of hers. 

On the way to the bus after lunch, Buzzy said "You sure put your foot in your mouth there didn't you?"  I just shook my head and said no more.

Guess if I were any kind of gentleman, I would play Elton's Candle in the Wind song to/for/in memory of Diana after he had first dedicated it to Marilyn.  But hey, I got no class and like Keith said, "Elton's just got a thing for dead blondes" (click here.  Can you believe that Candle in the Wind has out sold White Christmas?! (click here.)) 

So given all that, I will stick with Keith instead.  Here is an appropriate message song from him You Shouldn't Take It So Hard.  (Looking back, I wish I had played this for my friend when she was so upset instead of just telling her what a bimbo I thought Di was:)

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