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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Do You Remember?

September is the only month of the year that I am 100% sure of how many days a given month has.  That's because of the little memory aid "Thirty days has September...."  I don't remember any of the following verses about how many days are in the rest of the months, but I sure got September nailed down forever.

September's summery days tinged with morning hints of cooler weather, make September a transitional month in more ways than one.  We kick the month off with Labor Day which is always a fun, laid back holiday.  However, we then get bogged down plowing thru all the 9/11 memories, which this year will be even more over played because it's the 15th anniversary of all that.  Not sure I want to rehash/re-see it; but good news is that on 9/12 we can all go back to pretending that it never happened and enjoy the rest of the month. 

On the plus side, the NFL starts it's Sunday schedule of games on 9/11 this year.  (Think Stadium security will be tight for those game attendees?)

Birthday-wise in the Buzzy family my Godmother Peggy McMurray celebrates on 4 September.  Duncan Lepper has his on 5 September.  On the 6th  El-Chucko Mettam and Pat Woodburn celebrate theirs;  Jim Gray on the 8th.  David "Clutch" Raley on 9/11;  Gary "Chop Chop" Norris' on the 15th;  Lou Gentry the 17th;  Joe Cullison on the 22nd followed by Bobby Wright on the 23rd; Lori McKay and Donna Wheatley celebrate  theirs' on the 25th.  And to conclude a very busy birthday month, Joan Bean celebrates her day on the 27th.

So relax.  Summer is over.  Football is back and life is good.

Keeping with my Good/Bad/Ugly theme of the week, here's a video variation on the above that you may or may not want to view (click here.)

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