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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Daytime T-V.

A final good, bad, ugly item for you.

My son Shea, who lives right around the corner from me, asked me if I would meet a delivery guy one morning for him at his house between 9 and 10 o'clock. "I'll have the T-V all set up for you" he told me knowing that I was unfamiliar with DirecTV's channels since I have Metrocast.

Sure enough when I arrived, Shea had the following on a board in front of the T-V stand.
Made me feel like the old fart that I am because Shea had correctly pin pointed my go to channels - sports, weather and news.   The only problem however, involved me not being able to get the T-V to turn on.  I messed around with his DirecTV remote for several minutes pushing all sorts of power on/off buttons but nothing happened.  (Why can't these remotes just have ONE power on/off button?) 

I then tried locating the on/off button on the T-V itself but was unsuccessful there too.  I searched around some and finally found the remote for the T-V itself.  The T-V turned on but then I could not get the channel to change.  The channel playing on the T-V was a cartoon channel that the grandkids must gave been watching before they went to school.

I gave up, turned the T-V off and set about taking the above photo of Shea's channel instructions.  In order to get a better lit photo,  I moved the board from in front of the T-V where Shea had placed it.  In doing so I discovered why the DirecTV remote wasn't working.  The board was blocking the cable box!  I had wrongly assumed that the box on top of the table was the cable box which as it turned out was on a shelf below the table top.

Free at last to channel surf I landed on Kelly Live.  Confession time here, guilty pleasure-wise, I have always liked Kelly.  Her co-hosts Regis I hated, and Strahan I couldn't do, but Kelly I like.  She reminds me of all those fun, little, drunk blondes that you used to meet at a party and enjoyed talking to and getting to know for awhile but knew that if you ultimately hooked up with her or ever began any kind of relationship with her, that she would eventually drive you crazy.  Still she was great fun to be around for awhile.

Thru the years, if I ever trip over her show, I will always pause to watch Kelly in a train wreck kind of way and she has never let me down.  I really do like that crazy little lady.  In fact, when I was there at Shea's,  I was kind of disappointed when the delivery dude finally showed up and I had to turn Kelly and the T-V off.  Good news is I did not have remote control problems turning the T-V off!

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