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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Buzzy and Hill

All the churn about Hill being ill and trying to conceal it, made me think of Buzzy in 2003 on the day of his 50th Anniversary Party.  He was sick as he could be with some kind of viral infection that was kicking his ass.  However, all of the arrangements for the party had been made and he felt compelled to carry on like everything was just fine. 

Buzzy was tough and when it came to  a party he could hang with the best of them.  However, while everyone was partying and having such a good time at the Celebration Party, few people noticed nor realized just how sick he really was that day.  My sister Donna Jean and I helped him out as best we could, but he really wasn't feeling well at all. 

Mid-afternoon he said to me that he was going to go back to his apartment to lay down awhile.  "Come get me in an hour," he told me as he made his way out the back door.

Shortly after, it began raining and Jimmy Cullison moved his RV to the hill.  There was a movement to take a group photo.  "Where's Buzzy?" folks began to ask and I had no choice but to go back to his apartment and see if he was up for coming back out for the photo.  When I saw just how sick he was however, I suggested that he just continue to lay back and not worry about it.  However, he got up, splashed some water on his face, put on his ball cap and said "Naw, I'm alright."  

Once in the Store he made himself a drink and proceeded to the front porch area and then onto the hill area for the photo below.

After the photo he was back behind the counter where he continued to tough it out but I knew that he felt awful.  At one point I asked him if he was ok and all he said was "I just want everybody to leave."  I remember feeling very sorry for him that he was so miserably trapped by what should have been a very fun occasion for him.    

Marc Cohn has a song about his father running a store and (3:00 mark) it scaring him to find himself following in his father's footsteps.  I understand that a little too well.

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