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Saturday, August 27, 2016

St. Michael's Class of 1943

Remember my post about Ross and Francis Raley's Store where I mentioned that Francis and Buzzy were classmates at St. Michael's School. (click here.)  I found this 1993 photo I took of their class reunion.  Turns out that Robert Swann (below far right) of Swann's Store was also in their class. (I think that is Vernon Thompson between Francis and Buzzy.  As for the ladies, I can identify Bertille Cooper, Lucy Wood and Evelynn Woodburn in the middle here along with Carolyn Clark on the right but not sure who the others are.)

Bertille Made This for the Reunion
There is a better copy of this graduation photo somewhere that I need to find.  On this one though, someone has identified everyone by writing their names around the edges of the photo.
I also found this from Grace's Place at Tanner Creek and it features some of the same folks in that 1943 class:
From https://www.facebook.com/Gracesplaceattannercreek

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