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Monday, August 8, 2016

Pokémon Balls at Buzzy's

Buzzy's Country Store parking lot has always functioned as turn around place for any number of drivers ranging from school buses to day trippers who just drive thru and head back up the road.  Sometimes I recognize a car and wonder if the person driving it drove away because he/she saw someone else's vehicle here (mine?) and didn't want to come in. 

So whenever someone does  drive thru like that I always think of the old sign posted at the Maryland Bank and Trust in Waldorf.  Folks used to cut thru the Bank's parking lot to avoid the traffic light at the nearby intersection:
Of late however, I have been noticing another type of parking lot visitor whereby folks drive into the parking lot, stop a minute or so and then move on thru and head back up the road.  Initially, it made me wonder if my Open sign in the front store window was on and my would-be-visitors weren't sure if Buzzy's was open or not.  I verified that the sign was working, but still noticed that folks would pop in, pause abit and then continue on.  I didn't think too much more about it until I discovered what was up - Pokémon.

LP Mercure told me that he was out on the porch one evening last week and after seeing 2 or 3 folks drive in the lot, pause and then drive on, he asked the next visitor doing so what they were doing.   

Turns out that Buzzy's is a Pokémon Ball Collection spot.  Poke Balls are used to capture the Pokémons.  How Buzzy's got to be designated such a valuable Pokémon site, I don't exactly know.  That folks are now dropping into Buzzy's parking lot to take my balls is a whole nother issue!  If I had my druthers though, I'd rather that they have to at least come into the Store to capture their Poke Balls and that way maybe they'd spend some money.  (I know sound like Buzzy now don't I?!)  Something tells me that that would not be the case,  i.e. them buying something, but the odds of them doing so increase significantly if they at least get out of their vehicles and come in!)
Not too sure how I feel about Buzzy's being designated a Pokémon Ball place.  But then again, guess I should be glad that Buzzy's falls into one of the above descriptions "areas where people gather, near distinct architecture, landmarks or public art."

Then there's this "Revenge of the Pokémon Balls" video making the internet rounds (below.)  More evidence that as a society we are all doomed.  (Even more evidence of "doomedness," when I type in Pokémon here, it automatically corrects the plain Jane e to the appropriately accented
é.  How's it know how to do that?)

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