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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Fella named James was in Buzzy's Country Store this past Saturday and somewhere in our conversation he informed me that he was from Ararat, North Carolina just south of Mt. Airy.  "You know," he said "Mt. Airy as in Andy Griffith's Mayberry." 

Turns out that I did not know that Mt. Airy was Mayberry.  I had always assumed that Mayberry was some little town located somewhere in the confines of North Carolina.  But a whole lot of folks actually do know this and Mt. Airy has become a tourist destination.  Check out this video on how Mt. Airy deals with their most famous claim to fame (click here.)  Then watch the following video that puts a whole different spin on the Mayberry that we thought we all knew.

Here too is the theme song intro to the T-V show. Supposedly Opie couldn't throw a big enough rock to make the splash that they wanted, so a prop man threw a bigger one in the water from the bushes.  Explains why there is a small delay from the time that Opie releases his rock and the subsequent splash.  I'm sure you had noticed all that though and didn't need me to point that out right?

P.S. I started to include a Drake video here that references Andy's theme song whistle but held off doing so for fear of offending those of you who still rat me out to my Mom for including X rated stuff here on the Buzzyblog.  But for those of you less-easily offended folks click here and go to 2:30 mark if interested.  Warning however, you may never hear the Andy theme song quite the same way again.

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