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Monday, August 15, 2016

Margaret Mitchell

I was saving this for tomorrow but jumped started it to today because I've got something else in the rotation for tomorrow. 

Margaret Mitchell died on 16 August 1939.  Who, you say?  Well, she was an author who only wrote one book but it won a Pulitzer Prize and ultimately was made into an Academy Award winning movie - Gone With the Wind.  She died as a result of being hit by a drunken cab driver as she was crossing the street.

GWTW is rated as Americans' second favorite book with the Bible being reported as Number One (click here.) (I got to believe that GWTW is really Number One because most people just said that the Bible was their favorite because they felt like that's what they should say!)
From 20-things-you-might-not-have-known-about-gwtw

In GWTW, Mitchell wrote what eventually would become filmdom's most famous line with Rhett informing Scarlett exactly how he felt about her and her problems (click here.)  For its time, this was the biggest FU ever said on screen.

Although the movie took 4 hours to tell the story, here's a condensed 60 second version of it:

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