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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Geocaching South as in Joe

The whole Pokémon phenomena reminded me of the Geocache folks several of whom have been in Buzzy's Country Store on different occasions.  There used to be a Geocache site attached to the guard rail just below the Store on Gaslewbrook Drive.

Geocaching is a sort of scavenger hunt with small items (caches) hidden for people to find.  Sometimes, in lieu of a physical item, the caches, such as the ones at Pt. Lookout State Park, are virtual.  There are several Geocaches within the Ridge/Scotland area.

The first one listed "80's Revisited" is at Cardinal Gibbons park with the following write up:

Cardinal Gibbons is a County Park located on St. Peter Claver Road.  Believe it or not but our County website has written policies on Geocaches (click here.)  (Wonder when the Pokémon policies will be issued.)

Re Games People Play (song below,) I always thought that it was Joe South's one claim to fame.  However, turns out that he also wrote Deep Purple's Hush, Down in the Boondocks and I Knew You When by Billy Joe Royal, Lynn Anderson's Never Promised You a Rose Garden, Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home, Walk a Mile in My Shoes and many more (click here.)  That said however, think it is a fairly safe bet that the Games Joe is singing about in his tune here had nothing to do with Pokémon or Geocaching.  La, da-da, da, da, da.

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