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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Drinko and War (the Ultimate Game)

One last game-related post and then the Buzzyblog will move on to something else.  Here is a video from Jimmy Fallon playing a drinking game with Kevin Hart.  Kevin wonders if the game was rigged because he questions why the black guy got Hennessy.  "What's next, Colt 45?" he asks (1:50 mark.)

Actually, I had a white guy in Buzzy's Country Store the other day and he requested Colt 45. In my tenure behind the counter that marked the first Colt 45 request from either a black or a white dude, that I've had. 

Here is a Colt 45 story that will surprise you when you learn of its background and where the can was found (click on link below this photo:)
Video from the best war movie ever made and some would say best movie period (click here for review that contains the quote "War reveals truths that we would be happy never to know.")

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