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Friday, August 19, 2016

Country Store Trilogy - Pt. 3 Dent's

While neither Swann's nor Raley's are around today, Dent's Store in Tall Timbers is still very much alive and doing quite well.  Thanks to Andy and David Dent's efforts, theirs is a thriving business in spite of all the recent franchisation of the County.  Just as Ray and Danny Raley found a way to successfully compete against the big boy competition, the Dent brothers have built and managed their Store to continue servicing the community as a neighborhood bar, store and restaurant.  

The following background info is from their excellent website (click here.)
  I found this nice article from 1994 discussing Dent's previous incarnation as Sheaffer's Food Mart (click here.)  (The article also mentions Rick Meatyard and his Tall Timbers Marina located just around the corner from Dent's Store.)
Andy and David

As stated, Chief Dent purchased Sheaffers' in 1978 after he had worked there a number of years for John Sheaffer.  Chief ran a tight ship selling groceries and goods complete with a full up deli that his son Andy managed for him. Chief also operated a small bar in the back of the Store named - what else - Chief's.

After taking over the Store from their Dad, Andy and David (left) then did a major renovation that allowed them to expand their bar and restaurant business.  The results have been such that some nights you have trouble finding a parking space in their lot.  (Not having enough parking for your customers is a business complaint that store owners don't mind grappling with.)

Andy and David continue to run a successful neighborhood business built on good customer service and competitive pricing.  With Swann's and Raley's now in the you-don't-know-what-you-got-until-it's-gone memory bank, Dent's on the other hand is alive and well and worthy of your support.  Drop by and support them whenever you can.

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