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Saturday, July 2, 2016

This and That (Somebody Somewhere)

Some items that caught my attention.

First up is a photo that Ryan posted on her FB page with a note "When Dad used to do my hair and drive me to school."
My broken ankle came from playing softball and not, as some of the FB comments suggested, due to those great set of steps that I had constructed there by the front door.

And speaking of accidents, this from Larry Yeatman:
Saw this comment somewhere in a discussion about guns and the Second Amendment.  (I may get copies made to have on hand and pass along whenever a Devon-minded dumbass makes a similar claim in Buzzy's Country Store.)
And something that reminded me of a former boss of mine whom I always assumed was just too lazy to use the Caps/shift key and wrote all of his correspondence in small letters.
Elvis with the bestest lyrics.  (Shouldn't bestest be a word?)

Stop thief; you're gonna come to grief if you don't take a little more care.
You're gonna get more than the family plan  from this one shoestring affair.
I may be crazy but I can't contemplate being trapped between the doctor and the magistrate.

One of these days I'm gonna pay it back, pay it back,
one of these days.

And then they told me I could be somebody if I didn't let too much get in my way.
And I tried so hard just to be myself, but I keep on fading away.
Until the lights went out, I didn't know what to do.
If I could fool myself, then maybe I'd fool you too.

One of these days I'm gonna pay it back, pay it back,
one of these days.

I wouldn't say that I was raised on romance.  Let's not get stuck in the past.
I love you more than everything in the world.   I don't expect that will last.
They told me everything was guaranteed.
Somebody somewhere must've lied to me.

One of these days I'm gonna pay it back, pay it back,
one of these days.

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