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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Disco Demo

Disco Demolition Night 37 years ago today in Chicago had a semi-County connection that I will tell you about in a few minutes. 

But first for those of you unfamiliar with it, here is the story of one of the most infamous baseball promotional stunts ever pulled (click here.)  Check out this video:

Now as to the County connection - as noted in the video, Disco Demo was the idea of Mike Veeck (1:30 mark in the video.)  He attended Loyola College with Mike Raley, Pat Woodburn, Tom McCoy and Ray Raley.  Veeck's father Bill had retired from baseball and was living on the Eastern Shore which probably explains the Maryland connection for his son Mike attending Loyola in Baltimore.  I recall Mike Raley telling me about some of Mike Veeck's practical jokes and that you always had to be on the lookout around him because of his tendency to pull pranks and stunts such as putting buckets of water atop doors.  Sounds like Veeck mastered his stunt abilities at a very young age.  Then again he learned at the foot of the master stunt man his father Bill (click here.)

As for disco music, I was never all that upset about it and even liked a lot of the tunes that came out during that time.  For example, here's one that I always enjoyed:

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