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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Best Car Songs

Google best car songs and you will find several sites with their lists.  For example here is one (click here.) 

But, for your motorvating pleasure my 5 favorites follow here:

First up is Chuck. I read once that Elvis was the king of rock n roll no question. However Chuck was the Shakespeare of rock n roll because he wrote all these 2 - 3 minute stories that were like little plays. This one was his first hit in 1955 about his runaway girlfriend originally named Ida May.  Supposedly the new African American Museum in D.C. contains Chuck's red Cadillac.  May just have to go check that out (click here.)
The Beatles had a great one if for no other reason than the "Beep beep yeah" line.
Bruce had a good one that always makes me think of Sue at Southridge Bar. Back when she was running the bar, she said that Pink Cadillac was played on the juke box so often that she asked the juke box stocker that it be taken it off.   He told her "But it's making you money." To which Sue said "I don't care, I'm sick of hearing it." That never happens to me and this song.
And this one from the Formerly Alive Dude:
But I saved the best one of all for last:

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