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Saturday, June 25, 2016

You Got the Music in You

Have several "new" Buzzy friends dropping in almost daily.  In talking to them, I find myself thinking about and referencing a particular song.  (Remember, my mind is programmed in song lyrics.)

New Radicals?  Never heard of 'em?  Yeah, you have but you just don't know it.  They did the song You Get What You Give with great lyrics, upbeat message and the crazy white boy rap at the end that may or may not make any sense at all, but still you wait thru the whole song just to hear it (4:20 mark in video.)

This from Wikipedia made Marilyn Manson go up a Hole (pun intended) bunch in my opinion of him:

Now back to what all this has to do with the "new" folks who are repeatedly visiting Buzzy's Country Store.  Whenever I thank them for coming in like they do, all of them respond along the lines "I love coming here because everybody is so nice and friendly."  My response is always "Well, you're a nice and friendly kind of person and Buzzy's is like anywhere else - you get what you give."

Here too is the official video which lampooned shopping centers - remember them?

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