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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wouldn't Touch This With a Ten Foot Pole

I was in Buzzy's Country Store a few weeks back when the Store phone rang.  I saw the caller id as "Poll Service" and when I answered, the lady on the line asked to speak with Reagan. 

I informed the lady that Reagan was my daughter and was not around to speak to her.  I asked her why she was calling.  She said that she worked for a polling company commissioned by the Democrat Party and that she wanted information on how Reagan planned on voting in the upcoming Maryland primary election.  I informed the lady that while Reagan wasn't there, I too was a Democrat and that I would be glad to do the poll for her.  The lady responded "I'm sorry sir but you are not in the demographic that we are polling."  I felt like saying "Up yours bitch."  However, since this wasn't the first time that a woman had ever informed me that I wasn't what she was looking for, I politely accepted her rebuff and hung up.
All this came to mind as I read this Washington Post article on polling.  It discussed various factors that impact how polls are conducted and how results can sometimes be misleading.  One of the variables discussed in the article had to do with owning a cell phone vs. a land line.  Most polls, such as the one that called looking for Reagan, rely on land lines.  That tends to skew results because it usually means that the phone owners are older.  How the polling folks got the Store's land line phone number in connection with Reagan living there probably has to do with Reagan using the Store as her home address. 

One polling service that you hear about a lot is the Quinnipiac Poll which is run out of Quinnipiac University located in Connecticut.  According to folks who follow these things, Quinnipiac is one of the most accurate polling services.  (Maybe it's because they aren't relying solely on land lines when they do their surveys.)

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