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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


When working for the Navy several years back, I attended a meeting hosted by a facilitator. She began by introducing herself and said that we were first going to do a little ice breaker exercise before getting into the meeting's agenda. I cringed because these sort of "exercises" usually involved going around the room and having us comment on something about ourselves, our expectations or something equally insipid. I hated those exercises.

The lady then disseminated a small pack of Post-its to each of us and instructed us to tear off 9 Post-its and write down the following values one per page: Mental Health, Physical Health, Spiritual Health, Appearance, Money, Family, Friends, Freedom and Work.  She then instructed us to take a few minutes and rank order them one thru nine in importance to us personally.  She asked "Of these 9 values, rank them according to which ones you care for the most?"

Once we had done our rankings, the lady then surveyed us to see who answered what.  She drew a matrix on the board and asked for a show hands as to how we had ranked each value.  (As I always tried to do at these types of meetings and events, I had chosen a seat next to an attractive lady.  As we were reporting our rankings to the group at large, I peaked over to see her rankings and saw that she had placed appearance as her Number 3 value after Family and Friends.  It made sense that she had Appearance up there because she was very well coordinated with the manicured nails and hair and bling all decked out to perfection.  However, when she found out that we were going to be announcing our rankings to the group at large by raising our hand for our selections, I saw her slip Appearance from her Number 3 ranking down to a lower ranking I guess because she didn't want to "appear" to be too vain.  As for my rankings, I had Appearance at Number 9 to begin with.) 

The Number 1 value reported by most of us was of course Family.   The facilitator confirmed that that was the usual Number 1 answer.  However, she added a caveat "A lot of folks may just list that because they feel like that is what is expected of them."  After Family, the results from our group were all over the place.  Many had Friends and one of the Health values near the top of their lists, with money and work somewhere in the middle, and Freedom ranked last.  The lady commented that Freedom usually was the last value listed simply because we all take it for granted so much.  I had it second to last right in front of Appearance. 

So all in all it was a worthwhile exercise in that it made you think about what really is important to you.  The facilitator also noted that if something was listed as an important value, like say Family, then the next step is to examine one's actions to see if that really is the case.  You might say that something is a value but do you actually treat it as such?  Maybe, based on your actions, it is not your most important value after all.

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