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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Talking Baseball and Hot in Cleveland

Speaking of monthly things (previous post) time for my end-of-the-month-baseball-look at the O's and Nats' progress.  Both of them continue to play well and lead their divisions as MLB approaches the mid-point of its season.  (All Star game is set 12 July.)

The O's have been on a roll of late having won 7 straight games and are up 5.5 games on the Red Sox.  (Note to all you gambling inclined folks, bet against the Birds in tonite's game now that I've just put the jinx on them.)  The O's are about to set the record for hitting the most home runs in a month breaking the Oakland A's record of 55 set in 1996. 

The Nats have won 4 in a row including a sweep of the Mets who are now 5.5 games behind them.  It's not good to get too fired about how well your team is playing mid-season but headlines like this can sure do so:

Yet as well as the O's and Nats are playing right now, they are still not the hottest team(s) in baseball.  You'll never guess who is - Cleveland as in the Indians.  
Chief Wahoo Logo Is Also Controversial
The Indians have won 12 straight and lead their division by 6 games.  (Note as to how significant that is - the last time that the Indians won 12 games in a row was in 1951 the year I was born.) 

For Cleveland, their Cavaliers just won the NBA, the Indians are on a roll and to top it off, the Trumpster's coronation circus comes to town mid-month (click here.)  Keeping it sports-related here, Trump is planning on having Mike Tyson, Bobby Knight, Mike Ditka and others to include maybe even Tom Brady appear with him at the convention.  Sports blog Deadspin  seemed to sum it up fairly well:
The following wasn't the worst sitcom ever on T-V but it did have Betty White in it so it's right up there. (I got no use for the White lady.  People ask me "How can you not like Betty White" and I really can't say why other than it's way past time for her to punch out of here.)   I did like the other 3 ladies in the show though and since Betty wasn't in this interview I will pass it along.

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